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Stocks.org is an independent equity news and research organization. Our business is producing and distributing high-quality investment news and economic research to a broad audience through various distribution networks and channels. Our team provides research-driven trading news and insight for a broad array of investing strategies.

The U.S. Equity team is comprised of 13 analysts covering over 150 stocks across four industry verticals that include consumer Staples, Technology, Software, BioPharma, Medical Devices, Energy and Solar. Our approach enables us to provide in-depth and objective industry knowledge to drive ideas and help readers make important investment decisions.

At Stocks.org, we believe technical analysis can be used to examine market reaction to fundamentals.  We want to be a research powerhouse, and build tools for investors to follow these trends.

The combination of our experience, relationships with our companies, vast networks of industry contacts and our proprietary news and financial analysis makes Stocks.org one of the most respected independent equity news organizations in the industry.

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