Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F); Leading Automotive Seller Of China


With impressive unit sales, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has had a good start this year. Moreover, these sales were made in the world’s biggest automotive market. In January of this year, an escalation amounting to almost 19% was observed in sales made by Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) with 112,000 units sold in China.

Furthermore, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has also been striving to increase both its top line and bottom line profits. The company’s stock has been directly influenced by this increase in its sales. There are speculations in the air that upcoming years hold a promise of much more profit for the company.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has been receiving considerable popularity and attention in China and consequently its sales also show an increase. This popularity of the company is particularly indebted to three of its models. These models are Escort, Mondeo, and the Ford Focus. Mondeo is also known as Fusion.

Statistics reflect that Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is China’s best-selling auto maker. For three years, the company has been receiving this award continually by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

Other than these three models, there are three more models as well which have been receiving considerable popularity. These are Ford Mustang, Explorer and Edge. Statistics suggest that these three models have been responsible for increasing the company’s sales to about 18%. In January alone, an increase of 3000 units was observed in the total sales of these three models.

The sixth generation of the All-time-popular Ford Mustang has been the center of attention and anticipation in the Chinese automotive market. This model has made its way outside US for the first time. However, the car’s model has been modified a bit so that it can cope up with the requirements of the Chinese roads. Moreover, this is also done so that it becomes reasonable and affordable in almost 120 countries across the globe. It is speculated that v8 model of Mustang would soon become available in the Chinese markets.

Some cars tend to be a bit pricey in China, because importing them raises their prices. This increase in prices is directly proportional to the weight of the cars. Generally speaking, these two months have yielded maximum profits for the company and have proved to be more profitable than the entire year put together.

The financial results of January and February delineate sales of approximately 192,000 units. However, in comparison to the previous year, these figures reflect an increase of 15%.

The past years haven’t been really great for Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) as it did make huge hits but then its pace slowed down. However, as a remedy to this situation, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) came up with its very first production facility of Chongqing. This facility would be able to produce approximately 360,000 units every year. The installation of this production facility would prove to be a great catalyst force for the company and would result in an increase in its sales carried out in the year 2015. Moreover, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is also striving to establish such a facility in Hangzhou region, which will probably be culminated in the year 2016.

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