Kohl’s (NYSE:KSS) ‘Make Your Move’ Health and Fitness Related Campaign


Kohl (NYSE:KSS) is expecting incredible profits from its health and fitness business. It has expectations that the business would grow in an approximate period of three years. These claims are reinforced by the company’s ardent belief in various fitness items such as Gaiam yoga pants, Fitbit fitness-tracker wristbands and NutriBullet blenders. Kohl (NYSE:KSS) is hoping that these items would result in an increase in the company’s sales revenue, amounting to approximately $1 billion. It ought to be noted here that presently the company’s sales revenue is nearly $2 billion.

The company has come up with its innovative campaign, titled as ‘Make Your Move’. The crux of this campaign is to bring the company forward as the hub of all sorts of life style gear. This gear comprises of a vast array of products including nutritious blenders and all sorts of active wear. Michelle Gass, who has been serving as the company’s Chief Customer Officer since last June, informed Forbes about this campaign and acquainted it with various facets of the campaign.

Kohl (NYSE:KSS) is indulged in the promotion of this ‘ Make your Move Campaign’  and is utilizing various channels such as TV, print and other modes of digital advertising to do so.

Interestingly, Kohl’s (NYSE:KSS) products were also featured in Biggest Loser weight-loss reality series. The show’s trainers were shown buying these products for their participants. The campaign also covers a partnership formed between Kohl and FitFluential. The bloggers of this network usually share health and fitness related tips on various social media channels.

Since this is becoming more than just a trend, rather it has the airs of becoming a lifestyle; therefore it seems that Kohl (NYSE:KSS) has struck the right cord. In this context, Mr. Gass asserted that Kohl (NYSE:KSS) enables fitness to become a permanent lifestyle with the help of its active wear and blenders that can help you  knock up a healthy smoothie or a nourishment filled juice. Furthermore, the campaign not only seeks to make its customers fit, rather it also aspires to make them productive and happy.

This ‘Make Your Move’ campaign focuses on the recent fitness trend and on the basis of this trend, the company has come up with a renewed strategy. This strategy has been named as ‘Greatness Agenda’. The focal aim of this strategy is to enhance the number of sales carried out on every store. It has a three-pronged approach which covers three basic levels. The first level deals with amazing products. The second one focuses on personalized connections and the third one caters to incredible savings.

This strategy conjugated with the campaign implies that Kohl (NYSE:KSS) is in the process of fixing up its strategic lapses over the last few years. Mr. Gass said in this context that even though Kohl (NYSE:KSS) doesn’t stand out as a fitness retailer but its fitness related products do stand out from all of its competitors.

So it seems that Make Your Move campaign is aimed to boost up the company’s image and likewise the image of its entire range of products.

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