Should users expect a new version of the Sony (NYSE:SNE) PS4 this year?


The PlayStation 3 was released on November 11, 2006. A few years after it was released, Sony (NYSE:SNE) launched the PlayStation 4 on November 29, 2013. The new model was lighter, faster and better-looking. The PS4 was also free of the YLOD (yellow light of death) syndrome. A yellow light is displayed when the PlayStation 3 games console experiences total hardware failure of any kind. The system then turns itself off and cannot be turned back on again without fixing the system.

This is typically attributed to either the CPU or the GPU failing due to bad soldering methods, thus the name ‘yellow light of death.’The overheating issue was fixed in PS4 since it is lighter than its precursor. But, PS4 came with another issue. PS3 tended to overheat, but PS4 refused to boot up which came to be known as the BLOD ‘blue light of death’ syndrome kind of similar to the Red Ring of Death phenomenon which plagues the Xbox.

Sony (NYSE:SNE) did address the blue light issue saying that the users should continue to play in Safe Mode until they looked into it.Sony (NYSE:SNE) often revises versions of its products, like the revised version of the PS3 console which was ultra slim but gave off a cheap feel and did not look durable. There’s speculation whether or not there will be a revised edition of the PS4.Sony (NYSE:SNE) should invest in analog stick covers. They make playing easier and Sony often replaces them if you still have the warranty.

Even though it’s not exactly a big deal, an improvement like that in the revised version would surely enhance the gaming experience. The question is, what other improvements should be seen in the PS4? Should the company make them smaller, more compact, sleeker and cooler looking? Put in a new cooling system? Not that there’s any problems with the current ventilation system. It works better than the fan in the Play Station 3 console but the fan in PS4 works better if given proper ventilation.

Maybe Sony (NYSE:SNE)could make a PS4 where the button controls are properly labeled. In the current model, there is only one singe bar and the users have to memorize the placement of the button .Die-hard fans should have no issues with memorizing the functions on the bar but not everyone can do that. It’s a minor annoyance, from a gamer’s point of view. But new users but find this feature bothersome.

The present look and feel of the PlayStation 4 is visually pleasing to the eyes. They’re sleek and look attractive. The diagonal design is a great touch. If Sony (NYSE:SNE) is to make a new version of the PS4 it should keep the diagonal design as it’s quite popular.Not much can be said at this point in time, as users are mostly satisfied with the current version of the PS4.

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