SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA) looking to stabilize finances with latest quarter earnings


SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA) will conclude a disastrous 2014 this Wednesday when the company reveals its fourth quarter earnings. SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA) has been posting unsavory quarters for the past couple of years and it will be delighted to post a quarter full of positive revenue. The report won’t be as good as it would have wanted it to be but SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA) would take anything for now. The sales are supposed to go up by 24 percent, which is a good start. After the terrible results of the past quarters, SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA) will be happy that the revenue wouldn’t fall in negative this time.

The company’s revenue was slow in Europe and almost nonexistent in America. In such conditions, the quarter report reveal on Wednesday will play a great role in improving SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA)’s situation. Regarding its share price, it is expected to go up by 0.03 per share.  This shows that investors are showing interest, the stock is being noticed around by people and they see the potential of the company.

The decline of soda in the country hurt SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA) along with other similar companies. SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA)’s marketing strategy was effected due to the mentioned decline of the soda industry and now the company is in the process of rebuilding its image. SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA) is looking to play the health card and is bringing ‘sparkling water’ as its latest product. The product is dubbed as ‘water made exciting’. The company knows that health concerns have people running away from fizzy drinks, especially Soda. So the old tactics of the company won’t work anymore, hence the introduction of new product- water.

PepsiCo Inc. (NYSE:PEP) also went out of its way and helped SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA) regain some composure after the disastrous results in the past couple of quarters, especially the holiday quarter which destroyed the company’s margins. SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA) is now slowly rebuilding and it will take some time for the company to resurface to the mainstream level. However, it won’t be long before the company gets going and the finances of the company get stable. Then, it can start operating on a mass level and perhaps expand its product line. Since SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA) won’t be advocating soda anymore therefore the company must have a backup plan in mind besides water.

Anyhow, the company is coming back in action and it’s a good thing for its shareholders, for they would be aching for a return by now. If SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA) can keep posting positive revenue, there is a healthy chance that it might get more investors onboard, so that the company can focus upon other products, beyond water.  For now, SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA)’s main focus should be the current product; it should make certain that this product gets the proper exposition in the market and gets noticed by the public, and eventually embraced. The bumpy ride of SodaStream Inc. (NASDAQ:SODA) has concluded; now it’s time to travel on the smooth road.

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