Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) Finally Released Its Latest Movie


The Interview

Sony Pictures released its latest movie, The Interview, on the day of Christmas. The film revolves around a plot where Kin Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, was faced with some assassination attacks. This movie was opened in 300+ cinemas all around the United States. Some of the theatres were booked months ago, whereas others sold out as soon as the day started. The audience seemed happy with the freedom of expression that was allowed by not censoring or banning this movie from release.

The co stars of The Interview, Seth Rogen and James Franco together with Evan Goldberg, the co director of the comedy movie, surprised their fans when they appeared in one of the sold out cinemas of Los Angeles at 12:30 a.m. (0830 GMT). The team thanked the fans for their support. It is important to mention here that this movie is a low budget comedy film, with a total budget plan of $44 million.

Sony Pictures had decided to cancel the release of this movie, after the company became a victim of one of the most threatening and destructive cyber attacks in the history of United States. According to the reports of the Unites State’s agencies, the attack was planned by North Korea. The hackers gave a warning that they would attack audiences and cinemas if this film was released. Following the warning, a number of movie chains refused to open this movie in their theaters.

After the successful release of The Interview, both the fans as well as the managers of the theaters said that they knew there was nothing to worry about.

A resident of Queens’s area of New York, Nick Doiron, who is an engineer by profession, said that he was planning to watch this movie online. However, he decided not to give up to the cyber attacks, and hence, came to watch the movie in the Cinema Village Theater that is located in the Greenwich Village.

The engineer said that the controversy regarding the movie was stupid. He further mentioned that he was following this news very closely and was quite interested in North Korean story. Nick further mentioned that he wanted to be a part of the message that freedom of expression is a fundamental right and that censorship should end.

This movie is available for live streaming in the region of United States.

Coming to the stock prices of Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE), the company saw an increase of 2.21 percent in its shares as soon as the movie successfully released in the cinemas. During the last trading day of December 25, 2014, the company opened its stocks at a price of $21.23 and closed at a price of $21.32, after hitting the highest price of $21.40. The intraday range for the stocks of Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) was recorded to be from $21.22 to $21.40.

As for the market capitalization of Sony, the figures currently stand at $24.5 billion.

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