MORGAN STANLEY (NYSE:MS): The Market can surge for the years to come, And the S&P 500 (INDEX:.INX) Might Go To 3,000


Since suffering a downward spiral in March 2009, S&P 500 (INDEX:.INX)  has surged up about 200% . It has already gone beyond many analysts’ forecasts, now being at 2,003.

The strategists of Morgan Stanley speculate that the situation is optimum for the bull market to proceed on for years.

According to them it’s quite possible that S&P 500 (INDEX:.INX) surge up to near 3000, however the U.S Expansion would have to give certain guarantees whether it has at least half a decade left to it

It’s not just the strategists of Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS), a lot of Wall Street analysts think that the contemporary events of market calamity to heal is not like the bubbles of the past.

An extended duration of deleverages along with an disparate worldwide recovery, are some grounds this could prove to be the largest US expansion.

In a detailed and quite expansive research paper, Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) strategists debate that the country’s providence is its initial parts of proliferation. It’s exquisitely placed in the world, profiting from better sheets, and low corporate spirits.

Here’s the bulleted summary:

  • There is no coherence in global economy. Large geological economies vary, being at different places at the growth cycle. EM is suffering from a lag while the DM soars high.
  • Volatility in the U.S. continues to dwindle, which can extend the lifespan of expansions.
  • Deleverage in the country is continuous, although almost absolute and priorities for the sheets have changed
  • Return money on debts are mellow and household debt balance tells us that about a vast cushion protecting consumers in a surging interest rate environment.
  • No extension of inventories and Capital spending.
  • Corporate management pomposity and other rationales of overheating remain numb.
  • Many broad economic measures in the U.S. have just arrived at “normal” growth markers and are beyond sustainability.

Few points need emphasis from the analysts’ research

The Return Of Capital Spending

Foremost is the speculation on capital outlays, or business funding. The capex recovery turned out to be the most anxiously expected angles of this recovery. Current data depict that it will happen soon.

However, the notes suggest that capex levels are still at far better levels when compared to sales.

The Debt Cushion

The financial crisis isn’t a thing of the past, made prominent by a freeze in credit. That has made companies with strong providence limping to reach their financial commitment.

The crisis also enabled the companies to stretch their balance sheets, earning loads of money. A large number of big and small companies turned towards excessive amounts of refinancing, which further plunged their debt back by a few years. In the context of income statement, coverage ratio of large interests depicts that companies have plenty of operating gains to fuel more money into their recent debt needs.


There is no hardcore guarantee that about half a decade of uninterrupted sailing.

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