Ford (NYSE:F) To Make its Mark Again in the Automobile Industry


Fort Motors (NYSE:F)appears to be moving back into the game very quickly amongst the top automobile competing giants in world. The company, in 2014’s fiscal year, initiated some moves to move globally, and in doing so, opened up some new plants to increase its production and global supply. The company has also very recently moved to China and as compared to other companies, Ford Motors (NYSE:F)appears to be doing really well.

In doing so, the company has made a move which has amazed not only the general spectators but the market experts as well. The company retired a car back in 2002 which was in fact one of the bestselling and most successful vehicles of the 20th century. It went by the name of Lincoln Continental. However, the company in a very recent announcement said that it is going to revive the Lincoln program and will bring out a new model of the Lincoln series.

According to the analysts, the Lincoln Continental was basically a standout amongst the best vehicles in the luxury division in the second half time period of the twentieth century; company appears to be divulging its resuscitated Lincoln Continental model on Monday at the New York Auto Show. According to the analysts, the company is revealing its flagship car most probably today or in the next two days.

The analysts have also been reporting that the company will be revealing its model of a Future Continental Sedan perhaps today in front of the NY Auto show. The analysts think that the NY automobile expo will be beginning not long from now. According to them, the company has a legacy with the Continental vehicles, with 40 years of experience and nine eras of expertise regarding the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F).

It appears that the company officials are all astounded to see that Lincoln Continental vehicles still have some interest in the United States. Analysts called attention to the company’s CEO, Mark Fields, who has enormous expectations out of this new Continental vehicle, as he is anticipating the model’s deals up to 300,000 vehicles every year all by the end of 2020. This is an enormous focus to accomplish even by the norms of Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F).

The company will apparently be putting about $2.5 billion in redesigning of the Lincoln brand. Analysts additionally specify that Lincoln deals were up by only 1.2% in the initial 2 months of the current fiscal year, which is significantly less when contrasted with the general business increment of 9.2%. In light of current circumstances can Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) figure out how to meet the focus of 300,000 Lincoln vehicle deals before the end of the current year.

This is something the analysts are questioning to judge the extent of success or failure of the whole project. However, it’s a great and a bold move and will apparently nurture some fruits for the company.

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