Ford (NYSE:F) Appears To Be the Leader in the Automobile Market


Lately, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has been making some tricky moves in the market and has been involved in a number of deals. This is why the company has picked a number of financial specialists all over from the capital market. For a publicly trading motor vehicle company, Ford (NYSE:F) Motors has been making some pretty big deals in the market.

It appears that the company wants to become the Global Market Leader in the automobile industry by increasing its year over year global sales. This is something that the investors have been observing for a long time and want to make a good investment out of this opportunity. According to the analysts, it’s a great achievement for the company as it entered the market late as compared to its competitors yet it is still ahead in the competition.

The analysts think that it’s a perfect opportunity for the company to enter the Chinese market amid the tough competition. Moreover, the company is already excelling all over in China with maximum popularity therefore; further investments in China will only mean absolute domination. By numbers, the company’s financial graphical chart representation shows that the company’s financial performance is only increasing.

Despite the tough competition in January, the company still managed to break the monthly sales record with a remarkable performance by selling 112,000 units increasing by 19%. It appears that the Chinese consumers are in love with company’s models like Mondeo Fusion, Escort and Focus. Focus ended as the most selling model during 2014’s fiscal year.

Exporting the vehicles to China is a pretty expensive business which increases the overall product costs; however, despite the immense demand from China alone, the company does exports tons of vehicles and enjoys a healthy return. Mustang, Explorer, and Edge are also accounted for about 3000 sales per unit.

Amid February, the company’s total Chinese two-month deals aggregate to about 192,000. That is a sound 15% expansion on a year over a year basis, and it depicts that Ford’s (NYSE:F) development in China is situated to proceed in the twofold digits for 2015.

The company’s business development during 2014 appeared to stall in China, and that was generally on the grounds that the automaker’s generation capability was basically at its extreme. In November, the company is due to open its third gathering plant in Chongqing, which would be build its generation limit by 360,000 units yearly. That will empower Ford (NYSE:F) to keep expanding its deals in 2015 preceding an alternate plant comes online in Hangzhou at some point in 2016 – which will include an alternate quarter-million underway limit.

The company appears to be selling more autos in China, and have reduced the reliance it has on North American market for about every last bit of its benefits. Presently, the company’s Asia-Pacific area, which is to a great extent driven by China’s outcomes, is the automaker’s second-most-gainful overseas region and represents approximately 22% of Ford (NYSE:F)’s wholesale units sold in 2014.

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