The Underwater Gaming Goggles – PS Flow by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE)


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE) have released their latest wearable technology, the PS Flow or PlayStation Flow. This morning, the company dispatched emails for all PlayStation Plus users which introduced them to the PS Flow. PS Flow uses water-resistant, submergible technology that will allow users to experience playing games under the surface of water. PWET, PlayStation Wearable Entertainment Technology, are the developers behind this system.

The users can wear this device, dive into a pool on a hot, sunny day, and continue playing video games. Some of the elements in some PS games have underwater aspects. The game character can take a dive into the water while the user remains in his seat with the console. The PS Flow changes all that and allows users and gamers to experience playing games underwater.PS Flow has a few hardware pieces associated with it as well. PS Flow consists of LCD goggles that are worn on the head.

The device has further four sensors. These are worn over the limbs like floaters. You can imagine the amazing experience that the device offers. The headwear includes water-resistant headphones as well so that the gamers can enjoy the sound effects equally. PS Flow is the type of revolutionary tech that will allow the game players to interact with the water elements of the games that they have been wishing to do for so long. Not only this, the PS Flow will also come with a drying system.

This will keep the users at ease after their session under the water. The drying system is called the PS Flow Body Dryer. It is better than a towel or any normal hand dryer. The drying system comes with ionizing technology that will help dry the gamer’s body within seconds. The goggles will interact with the entire system. The data related to the game will be transferred to the LCD on goggles. The devices come with Bluetooth technology as a result, they can communicate easily with each other.

The Chief Innovation Officer and Sony says that in the Sony Wearables division is looking for different ways to bring the PlayStation gaming experience to different aspects of life. The company believes that it is taking the gaming experience to the next level by introducing gadgets like Share Play, Remote Play, Morpheus and now PS Flow. PS Flow sure sounds like an amazing, out of this world, gadget. However, don’t get too excited.

This announcement was sent as an April Fool’s joke to the users. Sony did a pretty swell job at it. They even included a sheet of specs for the PS Flow device. The company went so far as to make a video of the PS Flow device, explaining all of its aspects. Meanwhile, the VR headgear, Morpheus, is real and will soon be released in the market. That device will definitely change the gaming experience for everyone. Users are highly anticipating Morpheus. For the time being Sony are just enjoying their laughs.

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