Goldman (NYSE:GS) Results and the Expectations don’t agree with one another


Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) is a huge name in the investment banking and therefore its earnings results are highly anticipated by the analysts and investors in the market. The company revealed its 3rd quarter earnings results which were higher than what Wall Street observers had predicted. However, even a profit of $1.35 per share could not rescue the bank’s stock, which is on the verge of a selling spree that has been spread all over the broader equity markets. While Dow, S&P and NASDAQ opened on a rough day, even Goldman (NYSE:GS) could not avoid dip, and its shares declined in the trading that took place on Thursday.

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) revealed $8.39 billion in 3rd quarter revenue which is a 25% increase over the revenue reported in the year-ago quarter. This number also exceeded the street consensus of $7.75 billion. The quarterly net income was revealed to be $2.24 billion, resulting in $4.57 of earning per share. The per share profit is 59% higher than the earnings per share reported in 2013, and exceeds the estimate made by analysts by 42% at $3.22 per share.

On Thursday, Goldman (NYSE:GS) chief, Lloyd C. Blankfein said that the improving economic conditions in the U.S, combined with the strong global franchise is the catalyst, driving client activities across the company’s diverse set of businesses. He also said that the conditions and sentiments can differ, but the strength of the company’s transaction backlog shows that the clients are willing to continue and execute their strategic plans for growth.

The investment banking revenues increased 26% to $1.46 billion under Goldman (NYSE:GS)’s business sectors. Institutional client services revenue went up 32% to $3.77 billion, while the revenues of investing and lending increased by 15% to $1.69 billion. In addition, the investment management revenue grew 20% to $1.46 billion. Within the institutional client services segment, the fixed income, currencies and commodities (FICC) generated the revenue of $2.17 billion, which is a 74% boost over what was considered to be a difficult 3rd quarter by Goldman (NYSE:GS). Even though the revenues generated showed improvement, some analysts didn’t consider it to be enough.

A Citi (NYSE:C) analyst, Keith Horowitz wrote in a research note on Thursday, that although the number of revenue reported was significantly high, the source was in investing and lending, which is believed to bring softness in today’s stock. He also said that the FICC and equities were weaker than expected. FICC results were 5% lower than what Citi (NYSE:C) had expected and, were 11% lower than the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Judging by the early morning activity, Horowitz’s prediction seems to hold ground. In Thursday’s pre-market trading section, Goldman (NYSE:GS)’s stock went as low as 3.5%, and went on to open about 3% lower than the close on Wednesday. The stock as of now is 1.8% down. A mere increase of 0.2% is seen in its year-to-date stock, which is too low to even be considered.

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