Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Dart Programming Language Occupies the Back Seat for Now


Any speculations regarding the change in programming language in Chrome that had been flouting in the air were discarded by Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL).The company announced today that Dart will not be replacing the standard JavaScript. Lately Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) had embarked upon a project in which Dart was incorporated instead of JavaScript; and this fact gave rise to all these replacement speculations.

Google Inc.(NASDAQ:GOOGL) chose to opt for Dart owing to various brilliant advantages offered by the latter programming language. These advantages include static typing and other such incredible options. Initially Google Inc.(NASDAQ:GOOGL) was planned to bring Dart on board to Chrome. This integration of Dart has been done by other browsers as well. Yet, Google Inc.(NASDAQ:GOOGL) never did so and apparently as the circumstances indicate, it is never going to do so in future as well.

Lars Bak and Kasper Lund, the co- founders of Dart, said in this context that they had the kept the best interests of their users and the web as their first priority. This wasn’t merely confined to Google Inc.(NASDAQ:GOOGL) alone and therefore in order to serve the bigger picture, their focus now is on the compilation of Dart into JavaScript. They have opted for this course instead of going for integration of Dart into Google Chrome.

Developers are carrying out data coding in Dart language primarily. Later on its compilation into JavaScript will take place. Google Inc.(NASDAQ:GOOGL) on the other hand wanted to integrate Dart directly. Interestingly however, even though Google Inc.(NASDAQ:GOOGL) has refused to integrate Dart into its browser, still the company has a huge number of Dart codes in its possession, amounting to almost a million lines. This implies that both the firms will be coming across each other and that Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) cannot give up on Dart entirely. The co-founders of Dart asserted that Google Ads segment was incorporating Dart codes.

Scott Silver, who serves as the Ads VP of Engineering, asserted that the company’s focus would be to deploy Dart language in order to come up with all future web Apps. Moreover, the generation of an optimal JavaScript would go a long way in the delivery of brilliant Apps to anyone who makes use of a modern browser. Dart has not only influenced the productivity of engineers, rather it has also enabled a swift launch and consequent iteration.

There is a belief entrenched in programmers that Dart has had a pretty big influence on the development of latest versions of JavaScript. However, this announcement made by Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has made Dart’s future a little dubious. It probably is going to occupy the back-stage for a while since other browsers are also not very excited about taking up a new programming language. Mozilla especially doesn’t seem very keen about the prospects of Dart codes. These browsers aren’t into development of apps in such a language which might not be able to run on all browsers. So probably now Dart along with other languages such as CoffeeScript and TypeScript would get compiled into JavaScript.

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