The Servers of Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Went Down On Christmas Day


The users of Sony Corporation’s (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation and Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox Live saw several hours of connectivity problem on the day of Christmas, as a hacker group hacked the networks of both the companies. The group later on took responsibility for their actions. Apparently, it was some ‘Lizard Squad’ that hacked the network. Both the companies have declined to comment on this incident whereas the hacker group was not available to shed light on its activity.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) were expecting a huge traffic on its networks on the day of Christmas.  However, all those expectations went down the drain when the users faced troubles with their networks. According to a report by Reuters, Sony Corporation’s decision to release its much controversial movie, The Interview, also fueled the problem.

When the servers of Microsoft Corporation were down, the users saw a message on their window which asked them as to whether they were having a trouble while signing in to the network. Another message popped up after a while, which said that the company is trying to fix the problem, and that it is thankful for the user’s patience.

According to a status report released by Microsoft, the models of Microsoft Corporation’s Xbox that were affected due to this incident included Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Two hours after the hacking, the message on the server changed and said that the technicians of the company are finding a way to solve the problem.

The status report page of Sony Corporation’s PlayStation was still off at 7:30 in the evening. The message that was appearing in the window said that the company is aware of the troubles that its users are experiencing while logging into the server. It also thanked the users for their patience and said that the technicians would fix the problem as soon as possible so that the users could enjoy their holiday.

Where both the companies were busily trying to fix the problem, the hacker group, on the other hand, was celebrating its success. Lizard Squad updated its Twitter status and wrote that the whole nation is in a chaos and that the group has it on strings.  The hacker group also stated that they would fix the server problem if people would retweet their message.

This incident was similar to another one that occurred a couple of weeks back when the server of PSN went down. The very same group took responsibility for that action as well.

Coming to the stock prices of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), the company, during the last trading session of December 26, 2014, started its stocks at a price of $48.41 and closed at a reduced price of $47.88, after hitting the highest price of $48.41. The company has a total market capitalization of $394.67 billion with a P/E (price to earnings) ratio of 18.76.

The stocks of Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE), on the other hand, were being traded in the range of $21.21 to $21.38.

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