Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) All Set to Introduce F150


After spending over a century into car making, the Ford (NYSE:F) still prides itself for investing a lot of time and money into research and development. That is why the new truck by the company known as F150 took years to reach the market as it was being perfected by a team of 1000 engineers. Ford (NYSE:F), according to statistics is the second largest automobile maker in USA and has operation all across the globe. Ford (NYSE:F) is being appreciated for its new truck F150 and in recognition it has been awarded with Free Press engineering leadership award.

It is indeed an honor for Ford (NYSE:F) because it took almost 6 years for the development of this truck and the award shows that all the hard work didn’t go in vain. Ford (NYSE:F)’s latest truck the F150 which is expected to increase the sales of the company and make it close to the number one spot in United States of America is equipped with latest technologies. Ford (NYSE:F) has worked very hard to build its aluminum body along with a number of other items.

In order to recognize the efforts of its chief engineer Pete Reyes, Ford (NYSE:F) has promoted him at a high profile job in their London office. Now Pete Reyes would work as the Ford (NYSE:F) director for global commercial vehicles. Pete Reyes was heading a team of almost 1000 people during the F150 project. There were a number of issues that Ford (NYSE:F) wanted to address with the release of this model. First of all it wanted to make a model that was strong and yet fuel efficient.

The only metal that was perfect for such a vehicle was indeed aluminum. The second part was to keep it classy, full of features and yet low on the pocket. This was indeed a challenge for Ford (NYSE:F). However, Ford (NYSE:F) was willing to take the risk and after almost two years of study and research, it was decided that F150 would be produced. This is when the tricky part started and Ford (NYSE:F) just kept on increasing the team to perform this challenge.

Indeed, it was a challenge because Ford (NYSE:F) was going to create history and it didn’t want any flaws. Now that the F150 is finally ready and would be the prime product for Ford (NYSE:F) this year, it is safe to say that the company will witness a surge in their sales. Pete Reyes has said in an interview that the new truck by Ford (NYSE:F) will have about new technologies and it will house a 2.7-liter V6 Eco Boost engine.

The engine will be both powerful and yet fuel efficient at the same time. There will be extra leg space too for the comfort of the passenger. A spokes person for Ford (NYSE:F) explained that the secret to success of F150 was “Do it again, do it again, do it again. Get it right, get it right, get it right,”

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