Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Introduced Aluminum Tanks in Its New F-150 Models


Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) recently announced that it would introduce aluminum tanks in its new model of F-150. It is important to note here that the company was previously using steel tanks in its vehicles. This announcement was taken well by the automotive industry consumers and experts. The replacement has caused the new model to lose around 700 pounds of load, which has made the new model 20 percent faster and efficient than the previous 2014 models.

The company also says that its 2015 model of F-150 will have the highest EPA ratings for predicted fuel economy. It will not be wrong to say that the company’s gasoline truck has in fact the highest EPA in the whole market. The new model of F-150 delivers about 26mpg when you run it on the highway and 19mpg when you run it on the busy streets of the city; these delivery figures were taken when 2.7 liters of EcoBoost was used for the vehicle. The model is pretty hard to ignore when its remarkable delivery mileage comes with an impressive towing capacity. The vehicle is no doubt one of its kinds in the respective industry.

Ford Motor Company’s (NYSE:F) F-150 will be competing against the tow trucks manufactured by RAM. It is worth noting that RAM’s tow trucks are just as efficient in mileage as F-150, and hence, it will not be wrong to say that both vehicles will have a neck to neck competition in order to attract customers.

Although Ford has replaced the tanks with aluminum, the new model has still got the staying power. The company said that its trucks can be used for several purposes as they are military grade. Ford’s tow trucks can take a maximum load of 3,300 when they are on EcoBoost engine (3.5 liters). The towing capacity of these trucks is 12,200.

The vice president of Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), Raj Nair, in a press conference, recently said that the company wants to set the future of tow trucks high. He went on and said that the company is delivering one of the toughest and most efficient tow trucks in the market in the form of its F-150s. The trucks have now gained the highest EPA in the gasoline pickup category of America.

The company offers its new models in 4 different engine variants: a premium EcoBoost engine that is powered by 3.5 liters of fuel, a V8 Ti-VCT engine that is powered by 5 liters, V6 Ti-VCT engine that is powered by 3.5 liters and an EcoBoost engine with Automatic start and stop that is powered by 2.7 liters.

Coming to the stock prices of Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), the company, on the last trading day of November 24, 2014, started its stocks at a price of $15.51 and closed at a price of $15.67, after hitting the highest price of $15.69. The company has a market capitalization of $59.58 billion with a P/E (price to earnings) ratio of 10.27.

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