Leading Forensic Science Discovers Apple, Inc’s iPhone Backdoor


Jonathan Zdziarski, an expert from the Apple Product Security, accused the company of having introduced and maintained functionality to access data – theoretically protected – contained in iPhones and iPads.

As explained by corporate security leading website Threatpost, a feature present in iOS can be used to circumvent devices protecting data contained in appliances (that team and operate devices from Apple software).   According to Zdiarski,

“Accessible remotely or via a USB connection” it makes “all available data protected either by a hacker or by the police if the unit has not been restarted since the last time the user entered his PIN “code. With this it is SMS, iMessages, photos, videos, calendars that can be recovered …

Other parts of iOS code are also singled out, said the Clubic site. Indeed, Mr. Zdziarski spotted “a vacuum package [everything that enters and exits the device via Internet]open to all”

“It allows anyone to intercept all trade carried out by an iPhone or iPad on the Internet. Vacuums packets are common tools that can be used for diagnostic technique, but it is alarming that it is constantly operational and accessible to all on all iOS devices. ”

Impressive.net - Jonathan Zdziarski Speaking at MIT

Impressive.net – Jonathan Zdziarski Speaking at MIT


Apple defends

For its part, Apple has responded to the accusations and says it is in the responsibility of individual users of iPhones and iPads. Indeed, when Apple device is connected to a computer via USB for example, a window appears asking permission to connect to it:

“Each of these diagnostic capabilities requires that the user has unlocked the device and agreed to trust to another computer. ”
Questioned by Macworld, an Apple spokesman said the same thing:

“The user must agree to share this information and data is never transferred without his consent. [...] As we have already said, Apple has never worked with government agencies of any country whatsoever, to create a backdoor in any of our products or services. “

These explanations do not seem to have convinced Jonathan Zdziarski. A few hours after these statements, it said in a blog post, Apple “admitted hidden features on the devices.” And even if Apple never accused of working with the NSA, “this does not mean that the government can not take advantage of these features to access this information,” he notes again. It also regrets that Apple has not responded to several other issues raised.

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