Second Generation Xiaomi Tablet – Does It Feature Intel Corporation’s (NASDAQ:INTC) Processor?


According to some reports released by GSMArena, the next generation tablet of Xiaomi will be featuring Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) processors instead of NVIDIA’s (NASDAQ:NVDA). The market wants to know if that is true or not and whether Intel has replaced NVIDIA or not.

Some market experts are of the view that if this rumor turns out to be true, this may lead to a cheaper and more affordable tablet.

According to the report of GSMArena, the Xiaomi will be featuring a 1.8 GHz processor, Intel Atom to be more precise. Intel has a number of Atom chips, starting from Atom Z3735D to Atom Z3745D. The chip that is installed in the next generation tablet of Xiaomi ends at an ‘F’. And since there is only one chip that has an F at the end, market experts are of the opinion that it is Atom Z3735F. This chip is one of the cheapest chips of Intel.

Now, the problem is that the Tegra chip of NVIDIA that Xiaomi featured in its first generation tablet was one of the highest performances chips. The CPU performance of that chip is far higher than that of the Z3735F. Hence, there is no way that Xiaomi would have replaced Tegra with a low performance chip, especially for its second generation tablet. Chances are that the company is launching a low cost tablet for the lower end market, or for the emerging markets to be more precise.

From the current range of processors that Intel has, not even a single one can beat Tegra K1 in terms of performance and graphics. However, the upcoming processor of Intel, Cherry Tail, can do the trick if it is packed with enough graphics and processors. This latest processor of Intel will be launched into the market by the mid of the year 2015. Since the original MiPad of Xiaomi was released into the market in the month of May, chances are that the next generation will also be launched in the same month. The timings of Cherry Tail and the next generation of MiPad overlap, which makes the possibility of Cherry Tail featured MiPad even stronger.

On the other hand, NVIDIA is also planning to launch its latest mobile chip, Erista, next year. Chances are that NVIDIA may take a jump and introduce a 20 nanometer processor, given that Intel’s Cherry Tail will be a 14 nanometer processor.

Let’s wait till next year and see which of these devices does MiPad 2nd generation features. If it features Intel’s Cherry Tail, then NVIDIA’s revenues will be at risk for sure.

Coming to the stock prices of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), the stocks of the company are currently being traded in the range of $37.17 to $37.52. The total market capitalization of Intel is $181.14 billion. NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA), on the other hand, is trading in the range of $20.43 to $20.70. As far as the company’s market capitalization is concerned, the figures currently stand at $11.16 billion.

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