Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:APPL) Future in Home Innovation: Front Door Keyless Locks


Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) showed its intention to utilize its iOS for integration of smart gadgets through HomeKit application in June. With the success of this plan, you will be able to control a lot of smart gadgets through your iPhone or iPad. However, Apple is still in search of companies which can make home gadgets for such applications. The fact that the tech giant has planned to introduce August smart lock developed by Yves Béhar in its U.S. stores is good news for all Apple fans. August will be joining few other HomeKit supported products like remote-controlled Hue light bulbs  by Philips, WeMo switch by Belkin and iBaby monitor. Apple has started to build up its inventory of smart products which can simply be operated by instructing your iPhone.

August smart lock is an electronic lock providing keyless entry to anyone you specify as the lock establishes a link with the iOS or Andriod based authorized smartphone via Bluetooth. As your guest, provided he/she has the application, will approach the door, it will unlock automatically. You can even spell out the time duration of access ranging from one hour to forever with August app. Despite unveiling the product last year the company has only recently started shipping preorders of August lock.

Béhar along with Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jason Johnson established startup August in San Francisco. The concept introduced was that better door control has gained a lot of relevance in today’s world where more and more services are coming to our home. We are forced to distribute keys to our baby sitters, home cleaners, dog walkers and other such people with little control over their activities. However, August would not only specify the time period when a particular person can access your home but will also maintain a logbook of entries and exits. Easy transfer of your house keys rented to tenants through Airbnb or Craiglist can also be made possible.

Advocating his product, Béhar explained that it can facilitate one time visitors and the very idea of one-time key has made a number of single girls and guys very interested in the concept. Whereas, Johnson feels that with more and more offices converting to key card entries and majority of the latest cars having the keyless entry feature, it is just the right time to get rid of legacy locks installed in our houses. In this keyless world, we are bound to desire the similar pleasure in our homes as well. Startup raised $8 million from venture capital firms and another $2 million from investors in September last year.

August smart lock design is so innovative that you can replace your old thumb turn lock in 10 minutes. All you require is a single screw driver to remove two screws attached with your old thumb turn lock. Now install August’s mounting plate using same screws over the hole and attach the electronic lock with the plate.  With the retail price of $249, Johnson believes that August lock is reasonably priced for Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) Store customers who are in “Internet of Things” fan club.

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