Facebook (FB) And Google (GOOG) Have Similar Airy Project For Internet Connections


According to some recent reports, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) set a new goal in which it will acquire a drone producer. The high-altitude self-directed aircraft will be used to remote communities especially in Africa to offer internet connections.

Recently it is reported that the social networking company is aiming to acquire the maker of highly developed solar-powered drones. These drones have the ability through which they can stay in the air for almost five years. In this way, they can be personalized to provide internet connection for those who stay offline or have no internet access at all. Titan Aerospace’s drones can efficiently function as satellites at cheaper prices, which the company calls “atmospheric parking” and can fly up to 65,000 feet. Almost 100kg of equipment can be carried by the Solara 50 and 60 models.

Theinternet.org project is also backed by the Facebook which aims to provide internet connection to the large parts of the world where no internet facility is available Nokia, Opera, QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM), Samsung Ericsson and MediaTek are other founding members of this project. Facebook reported that only 2.7 billion people have access to the internet now days. The social networking company is planning to produce 11,000 of the drones to offer bedspread internet connection to those countries where inconsistent or non-existent connections prevail these days. This project is similar to Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Project Loon in which 30 balloons will be unveiled into the stratosphere where they would form a set-up and programmed to use changing wind currents at different altitudes to stay in a geostationary position.

If this project gets success, it would offer 3G-like speeds to separated parts of the world. But the drawback of this project is that lifetime of the balloons would be just 100 days, after which they would return to Earth and have to be substituted.

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